Everyone Eats, or No One Eats.

13 Jan

One year….or less. It depends on how God views the situation.  You’ll know his decision, no need to double check it on this website.

If no one has started to make the means of feeding all of Earth’s 7 billion people by March 2012, you will be reminded by God of this message.  Some will just call it “natural.”  It’s not.


If by Summertime we haven’t arranged the means of production of enough food, God will make sure no one has enough food.


Do you know what it’s like to talk to god when we’ve made him this mad?  It’s not fun.  He is pissed.  We have the most incredible technology, yet we can’t ensure that everyone is fed.  We really do deserve to all die a painful death.  Luckily, God is merciful.  We have devices that can contact anyone in the world…that’s putting it lightly.  we have devices that can recreate an entire world, while playing with someone on the other side of the world…if we can’t feed everyone while we have that technology, we deserve it.   Luckily, he is merciful.

He’s given us one last chance.  If we don’t make headway on our ultimatum by mid-summer, we will produce even less food in autumn.  I’m not even going to begin to describe what happens in the last 6 months of the deadline.  DO NOT LET IT HAPPEN.  And always remember, that feeding everyone is just a gesture of good faith.  It is loving everyone on the planet that will save us….and if you love everyone, you better make sure that they are all fed.




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